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Animal feed production

Mixed feed & liquid fat

The right combination is the key.

Our subsidiary enterprise Optimin, Europe's most modern mixing feed plant for milk exchange animal feed, delivers, besides milk exchangers, also powdered milk for calves which are planned for the fattening of bulls as well as supplemental food for the piglet breeding. With Bahlmann liquid fat mixtures the milk for the calves is enriched with vegetarian liquid fat that has been extracted from the milk of the cheese producing dairies. In this way the milk becomes a valuable basic food resource for Bahlmann calves. If required,
vegetarian liquid fat mixtures will be produced by individual customer requirements

Concentrated feeding stuff

Fibres as supplemental feed

Since 1986 our plant for concentrated feeding stuff in Lindern has offered a suitable supplemental feed for mixed feeding. Here, cobs of straw, muesli and grain for calves are produced. Especially the straw cobs as fibres contribute to a natural development of the calves'-rumen.

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