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Appropriate animal husbandry

At the beginning is the calf

"Only strong, healthy animals, raised in an appropriate environment guarantee the best quality meat!"

Bahlmann calves are raised in carefully elected german agricultural holdings
near Bahlmann enterprise. In this environment the calves can be raised appropriately in groups and can be fed with animal feed from our own production. The farms are supported by our experienced calf trade enterprise and quality controls are made by independent institutes. Due to this concept an appropriate animal husbandry as well as a guarantee of origin is secured. Since the end of
2002 every Bahlmann rearing farm carries the seal of quality "QS" (quality and security).

Appropriate animal husbandry in groups

After having purchased calves they are sorted out in a collective barn on
Bahlmann company grounds by gender, breed, age and weight so that different homogeneous groups can be stationed in the plants. Here the calves have enough space and are able to have social contact to their species on great ground areas.


Regular steps of modernization and redevelopment in the producer's companies ensure the strict observance of the guidelines. Neutral institutes and the national veterinarian department ensure the observance of an appropriate breeding by unannounced controls in which they examine the status of health, the constitution of the barn and its climate, the freedom to move and the supply of the calves. The appropriate and considerate treatment of the
animals is granted at Bahlmann.

A natural and rich in nutrients feeding is an important condition for natural veal. We exclusively make use of animal feed from our own production to raise the calves. Milk (milk exchanger plus valuable vegetarian liquid fat) is still the main feeding stuff for the calves. Cobs of straw, muesli and grain for calves complete the feeding. The results of the concept
are healthy, resistant calves.

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