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01/ Philosophy

Hubert Bahlmann, a master of agriculture from the region of the Oldenburger Münsterland,
has developed a modern and appropriate way of calves husbandry since 1969 which he
realized in his agricultural company. Today the Bahlmann Company is a medium-sized
family-owned business that practices the production of the high valued food “veal” on all
production levels on a daily basis.

02/ Chronicle

Get an overview of the history of Bahlmann:

Company Film


Milk substitutes

The Bahlmann company has been producing products for the calf fattening in its own milk replacement plant since 1976. From the beginning of the year 1959 with modest ten fattening places became today the largest veal producer of Germany. Today, Europe's most modern compound feed factory produces large quantities of high-quality calf milk replacers every year.



Factory sale

With us you get the best quality at a small price!

Our products are pre-packed in small amounts. We convince in quality and freshness. We offer a great selection of veal, pork and beef.

Our whole range of fresh meat is originated in Germany!



Mühlenweg 30, 49699 Lindern



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