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Quality Management

Quality under the microscope

"The quality of Bahlmann means to provide the customer a maximum amount of security and naturalness. Our constant quality controls in our intern laboratories contribute to this."

Our customers exclusively receive meat of which the origin can be proved completely.


Every animal is already marked at birth by 2 ear chips including identification numbers and is exactly identified by their fitting passports of birth. This tagging, including storage in a central database, will be continued from the raising over the dissection until the commercialization.

Security by giving a word of honour

Every process at Bahlmann works on basis of the proven quality-management-system of IFS. Our quality assurance partners, the German institute for food engineering and the SGS, work according to strict guidelines. Therefore, the products of Bahlmann face constant quality controls to give the customer a maximum of security. This is confirmed by numerous seals.

Representatives of the slaughtering and dissection companies as well as the calf fattening companies have joined together to develop a voluntary "integrated security program".


The assurance of origins and the exclusion of no authorized substances get special consideration.

QS is the quality assurance system for meat, sausages and cold meats. Everyone awarded with the QS-sign is obliged to fulfill strict standards in all sectors of the production process.

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