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Lactobal Pure 55

The milk replacer for special requirements to dairy calf feeding.

We put all our long-time experience in the composition of Lactobal Pure 55 by using only selected commodities. Excellent acceptance.

  • 55 % milk powder

  • It contents also 3 % of milk fat next to plant fat, it is the best for calves.

  • Crude protein taken just from milk and whey products.

  • No plant protein is used in Lactobal Pure 55.

  • 0,0 % crude fiber

  • Small fraction of crude ash.

  • 160 mg iron for a fast hemoglobin-generation.
    As well from organic linked glycine-iron chelate.

  • Thereby a smaller overload for the calves.

  • With probiotics of the newest generation.

  • With natural immunoglobulin.

Pure 55 is developed to use directly after the colostrum feeding.
For healthy calves with high rearing performances.
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